Put FortiCeltm to the Test

FortiCeltm is a proprietary thin film paint coating which incorporates a registered mildewcide that inhibits the growth of molds and mildew on the coating. When FortiCeltm is properly applied, the dried film coating minimizes the growth of mold on the coating itself. 

The dried film will not wash off, or degrade over time, ensuring a long term benefit of the film integrity. This means that the benefits of the FortiCeltm coating will remain intact even in the most challenging environments. 


We are so confident in the ability of FortiCeltm that we will warranty the coating for a full 25 years against degradation due to normal wear and weathering, and mold growth on the coating of the FortiCeltm film surface. 

*For above ground use only

FortiCeltm Protects All Interior Construction Surfaces like: 

  • Dimensional lumber

  • Concrete 

  • Wall panels

  • Steel studs

  • Floor jobs

  • Plywood 

  • OSB

  • Trusses

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